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Omak Ev Gereçleri ve Isıtma Sist. San. Tic. Ltd. Şti.

From 1970 This Days...

Our company, founded in 1970 for the trade and commerce of office equipments, began importing the copy machines, of which it obtained a dealership. Omak Makine LLC, which initiated its manufacturing activities around 1978, gained a corporate identity by being incorporated in 1982. Our company put its own production facilities, located at 45th km. on Haymana Road Ankara into operation in 1986. In our facilities, in addition to manufacturing activities, Administration, Storage, R&D and Quality Assurance Divisions are also present. The Accounting and Import & Export Departments of the Company are situated at our office, located in City Center. In 1989, our company began producing the seam-free Electric Under Blankets for the first time in Turkey thanks to the custom made machinery, which are designed and manufactured by us. As the result of the investments, made in subsequent years, our company has experienced a steady growth both in terms of capacity and product diversity. Apart from the Electric Under Blankets, the production of the local heaters with digital temperature control such as neck, belly and knee heaters, electrical heating pads and auto heating pads, electric boot warmers and battery powered shoe sole heaters, were initiated as well.

Another division of our company is comprised of the industrial heaters and temperature control systems. Our journey of production regarding this branch which began with the extrusion machines, took a different turn with spiral winding machines, by which we are now able to produce heating elements of our selection of resistance, digital wire cutting machines, ground heating system lamination bands and presses, precision laser cutter and glass fiber knitting machine, all of which has joined our machine pool over the years. Today, when the quality, capacity, production and the device technologies in its R&D labs are taken into account, Omak Makine Sanayi has became the largest manufacturer of electric under blankets, industrial heaters and temperature control systems amongst the Middle East and Balkan Regions. Omak provides purpose built special flexible heating solutions and temperature control systems such as ground heating systems with smart temperature controls, film heaters, patented industrial grade barrel IBC tank heaters, heating tapes, overflow heaters, diesel fuel filter heaters, greenhouse heaters, bee hive heaters, special purpose heaters for satellite dishes that are used for communications and data transfer etc. to its large array of customers, from the defense industry to automobile industry, from food and chemical sector to the heavy duty industry.

Our plastic injection molding facility, established to manufacture semi-products, has expanded as the result of commissioning new machines. In addition to the semi products, the production of items such as the crystal and plastic cloth hangers, kids crystal clothes hangers, clothespins, bathroom stools and lockable lid storage containers has also been accelerated.

The new products that joined to our lineup in home textile range are Fleece Blankets, Fire Retardant Ironing Board Covers, Bathroom Mat Sets, Polyester Bathroom Shower Curtains, Duck Fabric Kitchen Apron Sets, Duck Fabric Table Clothes, Lace Pillows, Silicon Pillows etc.

In addition to its strong manufacturing activities, our company, which has grasped the quality and consistency in terms of its import activities, regularly audits its contracted foreign suppliers and displays the necessary sensitivity regarding the compliance with the relevant standards and regulations. Our imported products include wooden clothes hangers, transparent shelf mats, anti slip shelf mats, adhesive decorative foils, anti slip mats of different sorts, sisal bathroom care products, bathroom mats and shaped mats, glass cutting boards, stainless steel scourers of different weights, microfiber cleaning clothes, silicon clothespins, batteries and energy saving LED lights.

Our Company, uses its registered trademarks of Greenleaves and DecoBella on its Home Textile, Bathroom Accessories, Bathroom Textile and Hardware Groups, uses Omlight on its Energy Saving lights and LED lighting products and uses its registered trademarks of OMAK for its industrial heating and temperature control systems.

Due to our competitive structure for all products that we manufacture in terms of quality, capacity and pricing, we have strong export activities in different countries. As the result of our export transactions, increased along with our export oriented investments and works, Greece, Germany, Morocco, Serbia, Russia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria and Israel joined into our foreign client list.

Omak Makina, with its ever increasing product range, quality and reasonable prices, has become one of the largest suppliers in market chains in Turkey. In addition to the sales that we undertake to DIY markets, Hyper Market and Discount Market Chains by our own brands, we undertake manufacturing and importing activities to various national chain markets such as A101 – Carrefour – Tesco and Koçtaş.

With our Management Approach that constantly aims better in terms of product and service quality and with our mission and vision with the purpose of steady growth in the fields of manufacturing, export and import, Omak Ev Gereçleri ve Isıtma Sistemleri San. Tic. Ltd. Şti. shall continue making a name for itself. Our 46 years of experience and the trust and value that we offer to our customers, employees and suppliers, which came as the result of our competitive nature and our goal oriented business relations will remain as the most important investment that we make to our future.