Short History

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From 1970 This Days...

Our company, which exports to more than 30 countries today, takes its inspiration from the past and works with the excitement and devotion of the first day.

Omak was founded in 1970 as a private company for the sales of office products

In the same year, after obtaining the distributorship of German companies, began importing office copiers and their materials,

Nationwide aftersales service was provided for the machines that were sold,

The company abandoned its distributorships in ’79 Foreign Currency Crisis,

Omak initiated its manufacturing activities in 1980,

The Company officially became Omak LLC in 1982,

Omak LLC moved its production to its own facilities in 1986,

In 1989, its electric blanket production became automated,

1995 onwards, its product range has expanded,

In 2003, an R&D department was set up within the company and industrial heaters, which have never been manufactured in Turkey before, began developed along with the proper heating control devices.

The closed space have increased to 5.000m2 as of 2016,

Today, Omak supplies hundreds of different products to national and local market chains in addition to its exports to more than 20 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. Omak also engages in import activities as well.